Fondazione Tarantelli Centro Studi Ricerca e Formazione

Image007The Fondazione Tarantelli was established in the early 1990s in order to commemorate Ezio Tarantelli and to study the relationship between economics and social inclusion.

Ezio Tarantelli was an economist of international fame and a CISL consultant. He collaborated with CISL during the complex historical period regarding changes in the so-called “scala mobile” (sliding scale model), a wage bargaining system which indexed salaries. Ezio Tarantelli was brutally murdered by the “Brigate Rosse” (Red Brigade) on 27 March 1985.

In 2016, CISL established the merger of its four Centres in order to create the Fondazione Tarantelli Centro Studi Ricerca e Formazione Cisl. The original four Centres were the Centro Studi Nazionale Cisl in Florence, the Confederal Training Department, the Confederal Study Office and the Fondazione Tarantelli itself. Furthermore, following the voluntary liquidation of Cesos srl Impresa Sociale, some of its researchers have been integrated into the Foundation staff.

The CISL has entrusted Fondazione Tarantelli CSR&F Cisl with a mandate of primary importance: creating a flagship of excellence in design and research at national and European level, together with the management of relationships with other research centres, universities and subjects operating in the world of culture in general.

There is a wide range of professional skills within the Foundation which is used to manage European projects on labour and social inclusion. Moreover, this knowhow is also put to use in research and analysis of vocational training. Furthermore, the Foundation is involved in a number of important networks: The European Network of Schools for Union and Adults Training (promoted by ETUI – European Trade Union Institute – and ILO – International Labour Office) and the Trade Union Research Institutes Network (TURI)

In May 2016, the governance of the new Foundation was defined. The president is Giuseppe Gallo, who manages the general aspects and research areas of the Foundation. Francesco Scrima, director of Cisl Study Center of Florence, is the responsible of the vocational training area. The Governing Board and the Scientific committee have also been renewed. The new Statute of the Foundation has been compiled and will be publicly registered in the near future. The head office of the Foundation is in Rome, via Po, 21. The operative offices can be found in Florence, c/o Centro Studi Ricerca e Formazione Cisl - via della Piazzola, 71 – (info: ), and in Rome, in viale Castro Pretorio 116.

Fondazione Ezio Tarantelli - Centro Studi Ricerca e Formazione
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